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2017 Annual Feeding Totals

The pantry operations furnished food to 4,940 households during the year with 15,161 individuals being provided with quality food.  Elderly people totaled 879 and children totaled 6,896.  274 meals were provided to the homeless population that attended our 2nd Sunday homeless feeding days. Most attend our Sunday morning church service and we were blessed with 10 homeless individuals professing to have received salvation.

We have served or fed 131,716 individuals with good food, many were hot meals, since we began our program in 2002.
To God be all the Glory!

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Report for May 2016

The numbers for the month:
672 families received food, 841 were under age 18, 963 adults and 7 over age 65. We also fed 38 homeless meals for a total of 1849 people fed during the month. It happens to be the largest month for this year and indicates what will happen during the summer months while the children are out of school. Food is a priority right now....must have more. Come by to see us and find a place to serve. We began our 15th year of ministry on Mother's Day. Much has been accomplished but there is still more to do and people to reach with the Love of God. Consider becoming a regular donor and participate in this worthwhile ministry to the hungry and hurting people of our community.

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 Report for April 2016

There were 545 families that came for food during the month....feeding 1,556 folks.  Homeless feeding day saw 40 meals being fed.  Paul Flanagan, a IYHM board member, and his wife provided and served the noon meal with Full Gospel Temple folks doing the breakfast.  Great day with a wonderful church service.

Report for March 2016

A total of 1,445 people in 583 families were fed thru our pantry during March. Our homeless feeding Sunday saw 39 meals prepared and served for breakfast and lunch.  Both meals were prepared and served by the good folks of Full Gospel Temple.

Report for February 2016

This was a great month of providing food. 520 families representing 1578 people (758 under 18 yrs old) were supplied with nourishing food. 34 meals were prepared and fed in our homeless outreach, Sunday the 14th, Valentine's day. The work goes on. You can help. A donation of money, food or some of your time would provide a helping hand to the hungry of our community.

Compassion-------------------Action-----------------Reliance on God

Report for January 2016

This month has been exciting.  A new walk-in freezer is being installed and food has been coming in for distribution.  Nearly 1700 people received food from our pantry with about 50 percent being under the age of 18.  Lots of kids.  We are looking forward to blessing our community with food and the love of God as we reach out to the hungry, homeless and hurting in our community.

Report for December 2015 

IYHM provided groceries for 1,792 folks this month. 590 families that went away with good food. Some ask for prayer and were received with love and compassion. Bro Mike has a special anointing to minister to many of the folks that come thru the line. It has been an exciting year with 17,953 people having received food from our pantry or a hot meal on homeless Sundays. A walk-in cooler a few weeks ago and now we are preparing to install a walk-in freeze...r, that was donated, in our facilities. God has blessed us in many ways as we endeavor to respond to the tremendous need that is coming to our door each week. God's richest blessings to everyone that has helped our ministry and we look forward to 2016 with great anticipation for another outstanding year of growth.

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Report for October 2015

A total of 1560 folks was fed by our pantry during the month with 56 percent children, under the age of 18, and 265 new families that had not visited before, during the year. Amazing numbers for a land of opportunity and abundance. The need continues to grow from month to month. We invite you to volunteer to help prepare food for distribution. Much of the food we now have to use is in bulk form and has to be prepared and bagged for handing out. Usually, this is done late week or on Mondays. Phone us or come by to join us in our mission of helping the hungry, hurting and homeless people of our community.

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Report for September 2015

628 Households = 1848 people.  924 adolescents/kids,  921 adults and 3 at 65+ yrs.  122 households made their first visit this year.  Amazing numbers for a small pantry with few workers.  We are open one day per week on Tuesday morning.  The rest of the week involves gathering and preparing the food for the next week.  The need continues to grow seemly by leaps and bounds.  Please, consider supporting our efforts by becoming a regular donor of money or supplies.  We could use more volunteers....that would be really good.  Information about methods to donate or contacting us are on the facebook  page or at our website

Full Gospel Temple personnel provided the meals, breakfast and noon, for our homeless feeding Sunday, Sept 13th.  A beautiful and great day with a total of 45 meals being fed.


Report for August 2015

We fed more people this month (1,499) than any other month this year. In each activity...Pantry = 1,453 and Homeless feeding day = 46. What does this mean? That the need for food continues to increase in our community. Please, consider becoming our partner by contributing money or non-perishable food items. We would love to have you join our team in providing hope and comfort to those in need.

501-945-1314501-945-1314 or

 Report for July 2015 

489 families (1309 Individuals) were fed during the month.  649 were youngsters under the age of 18. Great volunteers working to support our efforts to feed the needy folks of our area.  Great reports of answered prayer.  Many things to be thankful for.  Remember us when you pray and please consider helping us restock our shelves with good food items. The homeless feeding day (July 12th) was a wonderful day with 30 meals fed and 3 individuals responding to the invitation for salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ.  Two meals: breakfast and noon.

Compassion----------------Action-----------------Reliance on God

Report for May and June - 2015  

We fed 2793 individuals in 1051 families. School must be out for the summer! 52% of those fed were under 18 yrs of age. Homeless meals on the second Sunday of the month totaled 74. The pizzas fed on the 12th of June were generously provided by one of our board members and his wife.
Many good things happening with volunteers filling in for our leader, Bro Ken, who is recovering from serious health issues. Remember, it all starts with Compassion for the hungry and hurting, Action to respond and help those in need and Reliance on the Lord to provide and bless our efforts. We invite one and all to partner with us with your financial support as we seek to fulfill our mission of meeting the hunger needs of our community.

 Compassion----------------Action-----------------Reliance on God

Report for April - 2015

Our pantry provided food for 417 families during for the month of April.  A total of 1,243 individuals with 46.3% being children (575) under the age of 18.  The challenge is having enough food to meet the need.  Our best source is for our donors to step up and contribute each month, either money or food items. Please, continue to be faithful and help us reach our community with a touch of God's love and compassion. 

Compassion---------------Action---------------Reliance on God 

Report for March - 2015

Would you believe that we fed 1,436 people in the month of March?  A wonderful time of helping our neighbors with food. 54.2% (755) of that number were children.  Please, help us with your donations of food items or financial gifts. Spring is here and with summer coming on we know that the need, especially for the children, will be coming to our door. You may donate via PayPal on this website or mail your check to P. O. Box 17801, North Little Rock, AR 72117.  Thanks for helping us touch this city with the Love of God.

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Report for Jan-Feb - 2015

Our pantry has provided food for 741 households since the beginning of the new year.  A total of 2,264 individuals, of which, 50% are children.  Amazing numbers during some of the coldest winter weather that Arkansas has ever experienced.  Exciting things are happening but our supply of food is always a concern.  You can be a partner as we endeavor to reach out to our community with a loving hand of help.  Our homeless feeding days were affected by the extreme ice and cold but we  served 53 hot meals on the two Sundays.

Please, consider helping us with finances and non-perishable food.  The need is always coming to our door.

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2014 - Food Bank Report -

Households Assisted      4,698
0-17 yrs old                  7,006
18-64 yrs old                7,501
65+ yrs old                        18
Total Indiv Fed             14,525
Homeless meals                571
Total Individuals Assisted in 2014 = 15,096
Those numbers indicated about a 20% increase over 2013

Todate the pantry has fed 79,682 people and ministered life, hope and healing to them.  Pray that the work may continue and be supplied so that we can do even more. 

Monthly Report for December 2014

We have been busy....398 families (1,203 folks) were provided food from our pantry and 42 hot meals fed on our homeless day.  As reported, one of our vans was stolen and caused some disruption to our routine of picking up donated food supplies but it didn't slow the workers down. The response of other food banks in the area brought in a supply of food as they shared their bounty. 

Monthly Report for November 2014

We were blessed to have fed over 1700 individuals in November.  Nearly 500 families that came to our door needing food.  Full Gospel Temple prepared food for our homeless day on the 9th, with Rev Mike Mills ministering in the morning service.  Breakfast and Lunch meal were served (52 total).  Upper Room Apostolic Church prepared and served the Thanksgiving meal for the homeless people and a few of our pantry patrons that joined in the great day of food and fellowship.

          Compassion----------------Action------------------Reliance on God

Monthly Report for October 2014

Thanks to Chelsey, we had a special menu of pancakes for homeless feeding day.  It was a great hit with 26 total meals being fed.  Our pantry fed 365 families during the month that supplied food for 1193 individuals.  Nearly 50% of that number were under the age of 18.  The need keeps coming to our door, please consider helping us with donations of food and/or money as we reach out to our community with a loving hand of fellowship.

Monthly Report for September 2014

We fed 33 breakfast meals and 36 noon meals to the homeless on the 14th.  Smyrna Full Gospel provided food and helped to serve the noon meal after a morning service in which Bro Steve Murphy brought the message.  8 people responded to the invitation for salvation.  A great day and great service.  Our pantry provided groceries to 504 families (1573 total people) during the month.  There were 120 families that visited our pantry for the first time this year.  The need always shows at our door....please consider helping us obtain enough food to meet the demand.  We are located at Fairfax and Hwy 161 N, in North Little Rock working in the facilities of the Full Gospel Temple.  Checks may be mailed to P. O. Box 17801, North Little Rock, AR 72117.  

Compassion--------------Action-------------Reliance on God

 Monthly Report for August 2014

398 households with 1253 individuals fed thru our pantry during August. An average of 313 people per week. Kids under the age of 17 represent 51% of that total. That's with just working a half day on Tuesday. The hunger is real. Full Gospel Temple prepared food for 31 meals served on our homeless feeding day the 10th of August. A great outreach day with one profession of faith. Wonderful things are happening with a new walk-in cooler now in operation and Community Chapel people coming to help in the pantry on Tuesday mornings. We invite you to join with us in reaching the hurting and hungry people of our community with the Love of Christ.

Monthly Report for July 2014 

Our largest totals of the year.  We have fed 1,465 folks during July, which is a 24% gain over last month, and 50% of the folks fed are children.  We desperately need your support.  Food can be brought to our facility at Fairfax and Hwy 161 North in North Little Rock or checks can be mailed to P. O. 17801, North Little Rock, AR 72117.  The need is great and expected to continue to grow at least until the schools open toward the end of the month.  Please, become a partner with us as we strive to reach our community with a loving hand of fellowship and supply.

Compassion-----------------Action-------------------Reliance on God 

Monthly Report for June 2014

We provided groceries to 1138 people and fed 47 meals to the homeless during June.  Many other needs were brought to us and we were so blessed to be able to pray and ask for God's help for those individuals.  The weather has been hot and the need for food has reached the summer time high also.  We need a refreshed food supply each week to meet the demand.  Please partner with us by donating either food or money.  We are located at the corner of Fairfax and Hwy 161 North in North Little Rock.  Our mailing address is P. O. Box 17801, North Little Rock, AR 72117.

Monthly Report for May 2014

May has been something of a milestone month....celebrating 12 years of feeding the homeless...that's how it all started.  Great service on Mother's Day and fed 31 meals.  The pantry fed 1094 people representing 350 families during the month.  On the 27th we had a patron that had recently lost her home to fire.  We were able to assist her with food, clothes and prayer.  A very moving experience of love and compassion reaching out to a lovely family with 5 children.  Please, consider joining in partnership with us as we seek to fulfill our assigned mission of helping the hungry and hurting in our community.

Monthly Report for April 2014

419 households, representing 1,274 individuals, were provided food in April. 50% or 625 individuals were below 18 years of age. These numbers will probably increase as the summer months roll in. The demand for good food and especially for the younger folks will be a challenge for us. Keep us in your prayers and please consider joining partnership with us as we reach out to our community with a hand of fellowship and Love. Donations may be made at this website on our donations page via PayPal, or you could mail checks to     P. O. Box 17801, North Little Rock, AR 72117

Compassion------------------Action---------------Reliance on God

 Monthly Report for March 2014

We provided food to 287 families during the month.  A total of 782 individuals with almost 60% being under 18 yrs of age.  The homeless feeding day on March 9th included 55 hot meals being provided on a very cold and icy day.  One individual responded to the salvation message brought by Evangelist Mike Mills, our guest speaker.

The need continues to come to our door.  Please, consider becoming a full time partner with your donations that help us reach the hungry and hurting with the Love of God.

Monthly Report for February 2014

Total households assisted 270. (790 individuals including 372 kids).  Homeless feeding day was great.  Fed 54 meals on a snow day with 5 of the homeless being SAVED, along with 3 teenagers and 2 others, making a total of 10 SAVED for the day.  After the service a lady drove into our parking lot, asking for the pastor.  After commending us for our work she made a cash donation of $1,160 for our ministry.  Full Gospel Temple prepared our meals and God Blessed in a wonderful way.  We give Praise and Glory to God for His Blessings.

Monthly Report for January 2014

A cold month with many folks coming for food.  A total of 366 families (1121 people) with about half (529) being under 18 yrs of age.  The demand continues to use all of our available resources of food.  Each week is a new adventure on acquiring enough food to fill the need.  It would ease the pressure if we had regular monthly contributors (dollars or goods).  We very much appreciate all that several folks have done and are doing.

On January 12th we fed 58 homeless meals.  It was a great day with 6 of our visitors answering the call for salvation.

Please, pray for Sis Catherine who is having issues with her health.

Compassion----------------Action---------------Reliance on God 

Monthly Report for December 2013

December has been a very cold month but our mission continues.  We were able to provide food for 1,011 people in December.  The homeless feeding day was severely affected by cold temperatures and limited our number to 3.  But it was a great day of those three responding to the invitation for salvation or re-dedication.  
We fed a total of 11,988 people in 2013.  That is an amazing number when one considers the resources we had to work with.  Please, keep our ministry in your prayers and consider supporting us financially.  The Lord continues to bless and anoint our efforts with His Love.

Compassion-----------------Action------------Reliance on God

Monthly Report for November 2013

We fed 1049 people thru our pantry this month.  442 (44%) were age 17 and under.  A couple of nice Baptist ladies provided desserts for our homeless feeding day on the 10th and Full Gospel Temple folks cooked the breakfast and noon meals (55 people fed).  Wonderful time of fellowship and worship with Bro. Mike Mills concluding a 5 day revival with a powerful sermon.  A special Thanksgiving meal fed 14 homeless and 46 others as we fellowshipped with Upper Room Apostolic Church, who provided the meal.  We feel so blessed to have other churches and denominations working and helping with our outreach to the community. 

Compassion------------Action--------------Reliance on God

Monthly Report for October 2013

Our homeless feeding day was special. Bro Steve Murphy brought a great message and the service was wonderful with 5 people responding for salvation. Meals fed = breakfast - 42 & Noon meal - 52. Total 94.
It was a busy month in the pantry with 438 families (1303 folks) being furnished food. 592 or 45% were children. The need continues to present itself at our door. Many people are asking for prayer and we feel a special love and desire to help them and pray for their needs. One person received salvation when we prayed with them. God is good all the time.

Compassion--------------Action--------------Reliance on God

 Monthly Report for September 2013 

We provided 319 families, 992 people, with food during September.  458 children (age 17 and under) were included in the number.  There were 56 hot meals served on our homeless Sunday.  We do breakfast and noon, around the morning church service.  Wonderful results in the service with 3 souls accepting the salvation message.  God continues to bless our efforts.  We have fed over 61,000 people in the 11 years of ministry.  The need is always there and God has called us to do our part in helping the homeless, hurting and hungry of our community.

Compassion-----------------Action----------------Reliance on God 

 Monthly Report for August 2013

A total of 1018 individuals, representing 353 families were provided food from our pantry.  465 were under the age of 18.  One patron, a male adult, asked if someone would pray with him to receive salvation.  He was led to the Lord and then provided with literature and instruction on how to fully commit to the Lord.  We also completed the Nutritional Outreach for Kids with having served 358 children with special prepared packages of items suitable for the children's taste and needs.  We fed 44 hot meals (breakfast and lunch) to folks on our homeless feeding day.  God blessed our efforts in a special way --- with a homeless former preacher being restored and rededicated to the Lord and ministry.  God continues to sustain our work and give opportunities to see His Grace and Mercy extended to those we serve.  He is Faithful and we live in His Love each day that we work in helping the hurting people of our community .


Monthly Report for July 2013

The pantry fed 387 families during July.  There were 537 individuals under the age of 17.  We have had emphasis on feeding children thru our Nutritional Outreach for Kids, with providing special foods and items for toddlers and infants.  The need continues to grow and the demand for food is high.  Our homeless feeding was on Sunday, the 14th.  45 meals fed and 5 individuals accepted the invitation for salvation.  Our special speaker was Pastor Thomas, of Pentecostal Christian Revival Center, who brought forth a great word from the Lord.  Rev Steve Murphy, of Smyrna Full Gospel, coordinated the noon meal with help from Westside Baptist of Jacksonville, AR and Watersaw Baptist of Lonoke, AR.  Great Job by everyone!!

Monthly Report for June 2013

Homeless feeding day was Sunday the 9th with 36 meals being fed.  3 individuals responded to the salvation message.  There are significant changes being made among the homeless in our city with some receiving disability checks and other organizations working to meet the homeless population needs.  Our pantry continues to be busy.  367 families came to our door and we supplied food for 903 individuals during the month, a 19% increase over last month.  There were 419 children which was a 33% increase over last month.  Sister Catherine, Pastor Ken's wife, still needs prayer and time for healing.  
Remember her and the pantry ministry with your donations of time to volunteer and means to purchase food items for distribution.  Via PayPal at our website:

Monthly Report for May 2013

The homeless were fed on Sunday, the 12th.  49 meals served with Bishop James Baker the special speaker for the day.  Rob Allen, who was formerly homeless for 27 years gave his special testimony of God's Love and restoration.  A great day that was also our 11th anniversary for the feeding ministry.  Our pantry operation saw 285 families during the month, which totaled 735 people fed.  324 were children under 18 years of age.  Rain and cold weather dulled our annual fish fry a little....but it was a good time of fellowship and food...serving 94 patrons.  Join us with a regular monthly donation as we strive to meet the needs of the hungry and hurting people of our community.  P. O. Box 17801, North Little Rock, AR 72117.

Monthly Report for April 2013

A total of 967 people were fed by the pantry this month. That represented 351 households with 452 (47%)children. Our homeless feeding day was the 11th and we fed 58 meals. Rev. Steve Murphy from Smyrna Full Gospel brought the message in our service with a great altar service and 3 people were saved. The noon meal was prepared and served by P.U.S.H. Ministries of Beebe, AR. We give Praise to the Lord for all his blessings.

Monthly Report for March 2013 

54 new families during the month. A total of 295 families fed thru the pantry for a total of 851 people, 364 under the age of 18. The figures don't lie, 42.7% of those fed were children. Our homeless feeding was on Sunday, March 10th. We had a great day with Upper Room Apostolic Church in attendance and providing the noon meal and Full Gospel Temple folks prepared the breakfast. Bishop Reed, from Columbus, MS brought the message in our service and the combined worship and fellowship was great. Approximately 100 were in attendance and we fed 26 homeless meals. 

Monthly Report for February 2013

February has been a cold-cold month. Lots of folks needing food and comfort. We fed 695 people thru the pantry with half of the number being youngsters under 18 yrs of age. That's right 354 children. The needy continues to come to our door and we are so blessed because we can help.
We fed 21 homeless folks a breakfast and noon meal on the second Sunday. A total of 42 meals prepared by the ladies of the Full Gospel Temple. Bro. Mike Mills brought the message during the morning service and 3 responded for salvation.

Monthy Report for January 2013

The pantry fed 825 people during the month, 257 families. Half of that number was children, 421. That is with only one visit per month per family. It really shows the need. We had a rainy and cold day for our homeless meals on the 13th. 31 meals fed (breakfast and lunch) by the Full Gospel Temple folks. Bro Mullen brought the message "Jesus, the Eternal Word". A great service with 3 of our visitors responding for salvation.

Monthly Report for December 2012

We fed a total of 830 people this month. That represented 255 families and 55 homeless people.

The totals for all of 2012 were 4,442 households (13,887 Individuals) thru the pantry and 671 homeless meals provided. A combined total of 14,558 people fed thru our ministry in 2012.  The percentage increases over 2011 were 21.6% more households and a 12.4% increase in individuals fed.

Thanks to everyone that donated food or money to help us reach out to help the needy and touch them with the Love of God. It has been a very good year but there is much more to do. May God continue to provide and bless as we go into a new year. 2013 

 Monthly Report for November 2012 

We fed 955 people during November. 857 thru the pantry, 57 homeless on the 11th, and 41 on Thanksgiving Day. The food was prepared by the Upper Room Apostolic church on Thanksgiving and the 8 people that stopped by for pantry food were invited to have a hot meal with us. Full Gospel church was in revival on homeless feeding day. A board member, Paul and Charlotte Flanagan, came to help with serving and driving a van. Some folks from Smyrna Full Gospel helped with breakfast and the clothing rooms (that are provided for the homeless people). The noon meal was prepared and served by folks from Grace Baptist church. We had a great church service and touched several lives with the Love of God.


Monthy Report for October 2012 

A total of 997 people were provided food during October. 941 thru the pantry and 56 meals fed the homeless. One individual, new to the pantry, received food and then ask if we would pray for him to receive salvation. He ...
came in a desperate need of food and received the what he needed for eternal life. We are so blessed to be able to minister in this way.
Also, October has been a month of blessing in terms of contributions. The Gospel Singing Picnic by the Dougans blessed us with a good offering, the Carlisle PCG, and others have blessed us this month with contributions. Thanks for all you do, as we labor to show the Love of Christ to those in need.

Monthly Report for September 2012

The highlight of the month was when Grace Baptist came and served Texas Road House food to our homeless guests (50 meals) on Sep 9th. That's not all, Smyrna Full Gospel prepared the desserts and sack lunches to be given out. Our dear minister's wife, Catherine was away tending to an ill sister, who has since died, and all the volunteer help provided a very special day. Our pantry fed 331 households in September (47 new ones) and a total of 1016 people. 457 were under 18 yrs of age. God continues to bless and we are so thankful for this great opportunity to reach others with His Love. WE NEED MORE FOOD ITEMS. Please consider giving thru PayPal at our website or send a check to P. O. Box 17801, North Little Rock AR 72117.
Monthly Report for August2012 

We had a drop in the number of families this month.  A new rule of only 2 visits per month per family was instituted because of the need for more finance/food.  There were 391 families and 1,237 people fed thru the pantry.

The homeless feeding day was exciting. The Ackerman Church of God from Ackerman, MS., youth group visited and helped with the meals (43) and performed a drama skit and music in our service.  8 folks were saved and 1 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  We expect the youth group to come back next year for their annual missions trip.

Please consider joining with us as partners to reach the hurting and hungry people of our community. Financial gifts can be made thru our donations page via PayPal.  Our mailing address is, In Your Hands Ministries, Inc., P. O. Box 17801, North Little Rock, AR 72117.  May God bless you abundantly as you give to our ministry.  

Monthly Report for July 2012 

A total of 2,033 people were helped thru our feeding ministry this month and we thank God for the opportunity to share His love to the needy people of our community.

There were 610 households came to the pantry which represented 1,983 individuals (906 children 0-17) and 50 meals fed on homeless Sunday July 8th.

We had a great service with the homeless with the Rev. Steve Murphy bringing a good message and two responding to his salvation call. 

  Monthly Report for June 2012

The pantry fed 1462 people, who represented 438 households and 699 under the age of 18.  75 meals were fed to the homeless for a total of 1, 537 people helped during June.

June 10th was homeless day.  Full Gospel Temple prepared and fed breakfast and Grace Baptist Church prepared and fed the noon meal. Minister Stephen Robinson, of Fairview Christian Church, was the special speaker in our service and 5 adults came forward for salvation and there were 5 children saved in our children's church.  A special day indeed.

The first half of 2012 has been exciting.  We have assisted 7,397 people with their food needs.  And that is with one day of homeless feeding per month (2nd Sunday) and one day per week (Tuesday) of operating the pantry.  Much more could be done with an increase of food supply and volunteers.

We thank God for the opportunity to be used in this way.  We see many folks that need spiritual help and are priviledged to pray and counsel with them.  God is faithful to meet their need and bring peace to their life.

In Your Hands Ministries, Inc., board of directors have decided to discontinue the weekly radio broadcast, effective immediately, so that resources can be devoted to the growing feeding aspect of the ministry.

Monthly Report for May 2012

 Homeless feeding on May 13th (Mother's Day) was our 10th anniversary of feeding the homeless.  It was a great day, with Smyrna Full Gospel and the Upper Room Apostolic Church preparing and serving the meals for the day.  It was a great day of fellowship and worship.  Rev. Mike Mills was our special speaker.

Our pantry served 423 families during May.  That represented 1350 people of which 704 were children.  Each month shows a significant increase over the numbers fed in 2011.  In fact, we ran out of food last week and are really needing a miracle to meet the demand of next week.  We don't want to turn anyone away.

Mary visited us again and was just asking for prayer.  We have the pleasure to minister in special ways with those that come to the pantry.  Many times they are weeping and just needing to know that someone really cares for them.  God's amazing Love reigns and abides with us.  It is a joy to serve in this way.

  Monthly Report for April 2012

The month of April showed 53 more families than we had last year in the same month.

14 new households for the month and a total of 301 households served.  381 young people and 561 adults for a total of 942 people served during the month.  A lady, by the name of Mary, came by one day just asking for prayer.  She had lost her husband, who had died, and other family members and she felt all alone.  We prayed with her and she received hugs from some of our ladies.  We not only have the opportunity to provide for physical needs, we are being used to minister to the spiritual as well.  God continues to bless and we are so thankful.  To Him be all the glory.

A Weekly (15 min) Radio Broadcast during February 2012.

Report for March 2012
There were a total of 321 households supplied with food this month.  A total of 1006 individuals fed and 409 were under the age of 18.  The homeless feeding was on March 11th, time change Sunday, with a total of 37 hot meals eaten.  A total of 1043 individuals fed for the month. 
The community singing was a wonderful success.  The crowd was great and the fellowship and worship was better.  An offering of $1,100 for our ministry was received.  It will all go to meeting the needs of people in our community. 
Thanks to all who participated in the singing and a special thanks to Minister Tiffany Robinson for putting together a great program and a special night of worship and praise to our Lord.
Report for February 2012
The total number of homes supplied with food
is 280 with 870 total individuals fed.  That is an increase
of 101 homes over the same month in 2011.  Rev. Ricky
Dougan ministered in our homeless service on Feb 12th. 
It was a very cold day - the city of Little Rock provided a
warming and sleeping center that night.  We fed a total
of 58 people in our breakfast and noon meals.  Three folks
responded to the invitation for salvation.
Report for January 2012
The total number of homes supplied with
food is 444 with the total individuals
counting 1,448.  That is an increase of 85
homes over December and 272 homes over
January 2010.  
 The need is great and growing each month.
The homeless feeding of January 8th was a good day.  Serving the breakfast and noon meals to a total of 39 with Evangelist Mike Mills speaking in our service.  Great time around the alter. 

Annual Report for 2011
The report for 2011 homeless and pantry feeding is rather astounding.  The number of people needing food keeps growing and it is easy to see that the need is great.  The total number of people fed with either cooked food from the kitchen or food products from the pantry totaled 12,155.  We supplied 3,481 homes that had direct contact with our pantry requesting food products.  Remarkable numbers that show a need for more supply to meet the need.

Food Pantry Activity for December 2011
1155 people representing 359 Homes were supplied with food this month.  64 attended our homeless feeding on Sunday, Dec 11th.  10 responded to the invitation for salvation.

Food Pantry activity for November 2011
Households                471  (includes 62 new households)
    age 0-17                 745
    age 18-64               856
    age  65+                     5
    Total Served       1,606  (46% increase from Oct)
Homeless Feeding
    76 fed breakfast and noon meal, Sunday, Nov 13th.
         ( 2 responded to invitation for Salvation)
    45 fed Thanksgiving Day meal, Thursday, Nov 24th
  121 Total Homeless fed for November 2011


Thanksgiving Week - 2011

A wonderful week for the ministry. Tuesday was Pantry day and we supplied 122 families with food. It took nearly all our food...only 10 cans left.

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day...was a very good day. We had 45 people in our dining room for a full turkey and all the trimmings meal. God continues to bless and we are so thankful.


New Radio Program Outreach.

In Your Hands Ministries, has launched a new outreach via Inspiration Radio, KMTL, 760 AM, each Saturday morning at 10:15.  Located in Sherwood, AR., KMTL has been broadcasting for many years spreading the word and music of the Gospel.  Pastor Mullen is the speaker and Rev. Larry Skinner is the producer and program master.  We are excited about the future and what God has planned as we labor for Him.


Food Pantry activity for October 2011
Households                286  (includes 49 new households)
    age 0-17                 502
    age 18-64               590
    age  65+                     4
    Total Served       1,096
    Homeless Feeding
    56 fed breakfast and noon meal, Sunday October 9th.
      3 responded to invitation for Salvation


The Gospel Singing Program of September 17th was a good time for all.  Inspired singing and worship by the three groups:  The Hawkins Family, Johnny Pryor, and the Hallelujah Harmony Quartet.  The offering was used to purchase a cargo trailer to be used in the pantry ministry to transport the needed food and supplies. We ask for God's richest blessings for these groups, as we reach out to the unfortunate of our community.  A special thanks to Rev. Larry Skinner for his producing and promoting this program.  Bro. Skinner is the vice-president of In Your Hands Ministries, Inc and the pastor of Amazing Grace, Assembly of God church.


Food Pantry activity for September 2011
    Households            349  (includes 69 new households)
    age 0-17                 523
    age 18-64               608
    age  65+                     4
    Total Served       1,135
    Homeless Feeding
    71 fed breakfast and noon meal, Sunday September 11th.
      8 responded to invitation for Salvation

Food Pantry activity for August 2011
    Households            388  (includes 49 new households)
    age 0-17                 597
    age 18-64               701
    age  65+                     4
    Total Served       1,302
    Homeless Feeding
    74 fed breakfast and noon meal, Sunday August 4th.
      6 responded to invitation for Salvation



Food Pantry activity for July 2011

 Households              233  (includes 33 new households)
    age 0-17                 347
    age 18-64               414
    age  65+                     4
    Total Served          765
 Homeless Feeding
   88 fed breakfast and noon meal, Sunday July 
  10th.   11 responded to invitation for Salvation

 Food Pantry activity for June 2011

Households            220  (includes 25 new households)

    age 0-17                 317

    age 18-64               383

    age  65+                     4
    Total Served          704
    Homeless Feeding
    85 fed breakfast and noon meal, Sunday June 12th.
    12 responded to invitation for Salvation



Food Pantry activity for May 2011


  Households           297 (included 38 new households)
   age 0-17                352
   age 18-64             519
   age  65+                 1
   Total Served           872

Fish Fry – May 7th, 2011 


On a Saturday, when the weather was very nice we had a wonderful turnout.  150 people shared in the good food (fresh caught catfish) and the wonderful ministry in song by several groups.  In Your Hands Ministries, Inc was blessed with $2,312 in receipts for the day.  There are many people who deserve a ‘thank you’ and several churches that participated in the preparations and festivities who went the extra mile in support of our ministry. 


            Fairview Christian Church, North Little Rock

            Smyrna Full Gospel, Lonoke

            Grace Baptist Church, North Little Rock

            Full Gospel Temple, North Little Rock


Rev. Ricky Dougan and his wife Angela were so instrumental in the day being a success.  Ricky providing his music and Angela working in all aspects to see the job done.  Ricky was the main man, because he caught and furnished the catfish for the day.


Thanks to Full Gospel Temple and Pastor Ken Mullen for providing their facilities and the music stand for the outside program.


A wonderful day indeed.  May the Lord richly bless all who were involved.    




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